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Classic Car Clubs

A classic car club is a group of people usually n your adolescence who crave to split a common interest in garnished cars like Ferrari, BMW, Jaguar, Triumph, and Mercedes etc. Commonly classic car club embellishment takes account of: Neon illumination on the underneath of a car, Hydraulic fabrication which can be used to make a car "spring up" or slope in different directions, most often bonfire decorated on the wrap and face of the car, and racing stripes, mammoth or dwarfed size wheel and tires. Some electrifying neon signs or special tinted letterings on the flipside window would be another fancy attraction.

Classic club joining objectives:
The classic car clubs provide you with the several opportunities:
  • To endorse curiosity in diverse forms of classic car or vintage car activities.
  • To help in the protection and renovation of Classic Vehicles.
  • To systematize and encourage motor sports meets both for heritage classic cars or any other vehicles, either single handedly or in group effort with other motor sports clubs.
  • To associate with other countries having classic car club.
  • To support enthusiast to trade in Classic Vehicles.
  • To combo mechanical understanding and expertise to help members in the maintenance to their heritage classic cars.

Joining the classic car club:
To join the classic car club doesnít involves a lingering process. There are a few straightforward steps that we have to accomplish with most of the clubs joining process Ė
Some classic car clubs provide the facility of associated membership. This means that club member can also register his husband/wife or children between the ages of 10-16 in the club by paying a nominal additional fee for each one.

Classic clubs:

Mercedes Benz Club:
This club exists for the help of owners of Mercedes-Benz cars. Requirement for membership is for owners of such cars and proper gusto for the make. There is no entry fee to join Mercedes Benz club but there is an annual subscription fee of 35 Pounds for each member.

BMW classic club:
The BMW classic club was founded by several Boston-area BMW enthusiasts in 1969.The elected board of directors governs this club and itís a non-profit corporation. The membership to this BMW classic club entitles you with exciting colorful monthly magazine, Discounts on parts and supplies, Technical tips and information and much more.

Ferrari car club:
The Northwest Region of the Ferrari Club of America (NWRFCA) includes Ferrari enthusiasts who live in the state of Idaho, Alaska, Washington etc. The objective of the Ferrari club is to motivate ownership, function, renovation and preservation of Ferrari automobiles throughout the country, arrange meets and exhibits, and promote fellowship among Ferrari enthusiasts.


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